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Power of words. Tricks of communication.

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Neurons Inc Turkey Partner

Power of words. Tricks of communication.

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Communication is the easiest way to success. Those who network and talk - always get more. 
We welcome you to the world of the RIGHT WORD. The WORD that can change the WORLD.

- You will learn to talk without fear
- Transform stress to success
- Find the way to talk to your husband/wife, chief, opponent
- Be able to impress and influence audience with your voice
- Find keys to communicate with people of different psychotypes
- Learn to see the truth and lie in people's words
- Use tricks in your speech not to be fooled
- Create personal voice design
- Improve your hard and soft skills
- Learn how your brain processes the words and how you can communicate persuasively.

Join this International project designed and created especially for you - to help you get more, earn more, be effective.

SEDA KASPAROVA, Voice Coach, TV Journalist, TEDx Speaker
Detailed information: http://sedakasparova.com/obo-mne/ 

SEDA GENÇ, Neuromarketing Consultant, Neurons Inc Representative, TEDx Speaker
Detailed information: http://sedagenc.com/hakkinda/ 

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